Micronized Gypsum

Micronized Gypsum

We’re selling micronized plaster.

Physical Structure           White crystalline powder

Solubility             At 20 ° C in water, 2 g / l

Specific Weight                2.32 g/cm3

Fineness (µ)      20-100

Purity (CaSO4.2H2O)     > 90%

Humidity             <%1

Packaging           Bigbag

Industry uses

  • Adhesive chemicals
  • Agricultural chemicals (non-pesticidal)
  • Fillers
  • Ion exchange agents

Other Uses

  • Agricultural products (non-pesticidal)
  • Building / Construction Materials / Wood and Engineered Wood Products
  • Cement industry; Portland-cement retarder
  • Gypsum industry; gypsum board, bond and plaster
  • Polishing powder
  • Boards (white pigment, filler, drier) Paper filling, surface coating)
  • Drying of industrial gases, solid materials and many organic liquids

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