Meet the World’s Fastest Transistor with GRAPHENE!

Meet the World’s Fastest Transistor with GRAPHENE!

Graphene is known as the wonder material for today’s technology thanks to its very small size (only one atom thick and considered 2 dimensional), electron mobility and heat transfer properties (is known as having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity), transparency (~%98) and mechanical performance (200 times stronger than steel). It has not many applications in the industry so far because mass production of the material is not yet achieved and its price is still high.


Mass production and low prices for graphene will be achieved soon, so a lot of researchers worldwide has already been studying on the applications of this important material since its discovery (including researcers of important corporations like IBM, Samsung, GE etc.).


IBM corporation is doing some of the leading works for the applications of graphene and they recently created and demonstrated a high speed transistor with this wonder material. It has the highest cut-off frequency achieved so far for any other transistor (100 GigaHertz, frequency for Silicon transistors is only 40 GigaHertz). In addition to its high frequency, this graphene based transistor’s production is also compatible with the ones that are used for Silicon technology. These transistors are produced with the thermal decomposition of the SiC wafer.


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