Alpha Gypsum

Alpha Gypsum

Alpha Gypsum is obtained by heating of gypsum stone under high pressure and Alpha Gypsum is chemically same with CaSO4.1 / 2H2O formula and beta gypsum but different from in the point of crystal structure. Structure of beta gypsum is needle-like and amorphous while crystal structure of Alpha Gypsum is geometric. It shows that Alpha Gypsum as compare to beta gypsum appears to be fluidized when mixed with much less water than beta gypsum and Alpha Gypsum offers high strength properties.


Alpha Gypsum is preferred in different industrial applications by virtue of high mechanical strength.


Application Areas:

  • Ceramic Molding Plaster
  • Dental Plaster
  • Screed Binder
  • Construction Chemicals
  • Orthopedic Plaster
  • Architectural and Decorative Adornments

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