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What is Lime?

(CaO) is obtained in the nature by heating of limestone (CaCO3) in high temperature kilns resulting quicklime.


What is Hydrated Lime?

When the quicklime reacts with water, it turns into an hydrated lime (Ca (OH) 2) in the powder form , which is called hydrated lime.


Application Areas: Construction sector, Mining Sector, Paper Industry, Chemistry Industry, Flue gas cleaning, Drinking water, Waste water treatment


What is Quicklime?

It is called quicklime which is obtained by heating in high temperature kilns.


  1. Quicklime ( CL 80 Q / 90 micron )
  2. Quicklime ( CL 80 Q / 3-10 mm )
  3. Quicklime ( CL 80 Q / 10-60 mm )


Application Areas: Iron&steel industry, Construction Sector, Paper Industry, Chemistry Industry, Flue gas desulfurization, Water treatment,Mining sector, Waste water treatment, Treatment sludge reclamation and Glass production.