Lanthanum Calcium Manganate Sputtering Targets and Applications

Lanthanum manganate is a chemical compound which consists of lanthanum, manganese and oxygen has a perovskite structure. Perovskite oxides have interesting properties such as double exchange mechanism, electronic transport properties and magnetic properties.


The important discovery about perovskite oxide is their colossal magnetoresistance property. These properties that perovskite oxides have make them useful in production of sensors, actuators and devices.


As we mentioned before lanthanum manganate has also perovskite structure and thin film obtained from it show very different structural, magnetic and electronic properties.


Also it is possible to dope basic lanthanum manganate with calcium to have exterior properties. Lanthanum calcium manganate thin films obtained by sputtering targets can be used in magnetic sensors due to the magnetic properties of lanthanum. Also in hard drive reader and memory devices thin films of lanthanum calcium manganate can be used.


Another interesting property of lanthanum calcium manganate is that it shows antibacterial effect. So you can obtain a thin film with lanthanum calcium oxide sputtering targets if you need antibacterial property.


If you need water purification in your system, lanthanum calcium oxide might be the chemical that you are searching for. Lanthanum calcium manganate sputtering targets will help you for water purıfication.