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Copper Foils for Lithium Ion Batteries

In the past two decades with the prevalence of portable consumer electronics, the demand for rechargeable energy storage sources of high energy density and low weight has been growing rapidly. Currently larger applications such as zero emission electric vehicles and satellites put up even more stringent requirements for energy storage devices in both energy density and power density. In all of these applications high performance batteries are more and more desired.


Lithium ion batteries are good materials for this high performance demand. There are different methods and chemicals for the production of lithium ion batteries. A lithium ion battery cell is composed of two electrodes, which are the anode and cathode, a separator, and an electrolyte. Generally, the electrodes are fabricated by applying coating slurry onto a metallic foil. One of the metallic foils that are used in lithium ion battery anode parts is copper foils.


Among different conductive substrates copper is an excellent choice for its high electrical and thermal conductivity, combined with a low economical cost. Copper Foils for Lithium Ion Batteries can be used as current collector in lithium ion batteries. The important property of copper foils is they show high conductivity to minimize battery impedance. Copper foils show heat resistance and it is a desired property for a lithium ion battery to have a long cycle life. Also, copper foils show good tensile strength and elongation properties which prevents cracking when they used in anode part for coating purposes in lithium ion batteries.